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Work starts on Outdoor Project
02/04/2021 By David Hefferin


We welcomed our Patrol Leaders & Assistant Patrol Leaders back to Scouts today as we organised a work party to start building our new Tandoor Terrace to accompany the Pizza shack. The Scouts did a fantastic job, not only with the Tandoor area but also our planned new raised fire pit area. A huge amount of earth was moved by the team using old tyres to backfill and to gradually level an area of land. This will eventually be gravelled with a raised circular fire pit in the centre. Seating will then also be organised and a path to the area from the new decking area installed. Two new levels of decking are shortly to be installed next to Jack's shelter and will lead out onto the bankside. Once all this is completed an outdoor large raised Chess board is to be installed , more picnic tables & the pathway from the side of the Lookwide Centre regravelled up to Jacks shelter. Its an exciting time for our very pro active Group and committee as we are also in the early stages of redesigning the kitchen in the Lookwide Centre as well. This will include a fire protected roller shutter servery hatch into the main hall, the relocation of the cooker & new kitchen units. In the mean time the leaders would like to congratulate all the Scouts who attended today who did an amazing job & they can be proud when all the work is finished that they will have contributed to the success of the project. The next stage is to finish the Tandoor fencing, add a hand rail up to it from the Pizza Shack, put down a membrane and then lay the gravel & install the Ovens. With the fire pit this is work in progress & once we have the land levelling finished we will be discussing the next stage. We are sure our Group members are going to love these new facilities when completed .




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