Group Climbing Wall

Within the Lookwide centre, the Group has its very own climbing wall. Installed in 2002 by Rockworks climbing wall specialists. The wall is constructed from high relief plyform & features a number of built in rock features as well as 120 bolt on holds, which can be moved around to provide a wide variety of challenges. The wall is 5 metres high at its highest point. We offer visiting groups the chance to use the wall as a way of introducing basic climbing techniques to young people. We can provide qualified instructors holding the required adventurous activity permits. All equipment, including harnesses & helmets are provided. Groups wishing to run sessions themselves must bring their own equipment & have an instructor(s) qualified through the Scout adventurous activity permit scheme to supervise indoor climbing wall sessions.Groups booking the lookwide Centre & wishing to use the wall must make sure beforehand that our Group has instructors available to run the session. The charge is £20.00 per session and all proceeds from this charge are used to upgrade & renew climbing equipment when it reaches its expiry date (normally five years). All equipment we use carries a CE mark of quality & all equipment use is logged in the centre climbing wall handbook.




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