The Scout Group offers a range of target sports for its members, which can also be made available to other groups provided our instructors are available to run the sessions. We can offer Archery, Soft Archery, Air rifle shooting & Crossbow shooting. All activities take place within our indoor ranges at the Lookwide centre.


In 2013 we decided to make use of the space in the centre garage by designing an Indoor rifle range. After drawing up plans, seeking approval & getting our leaders trained by the NSRA, the range opened to users in 2014.

The design of the range allows it to be dismantled,enabling us to park the group minibus, when the range is not in use. It takes approx half an hour to erect the range & it has been fully tested to ensure its safety for young people and adults to use.

Currently the Scout group has Four qualified instructors who can run this activity. The cost per session is £40.00.

We can offer either Target Shooting or Match play shooting. Please stipulate which you would prefer when booking.


The Scout Group has two qualified Archery instructors who can run this activity, which takes place on our indoor range in the main hall. Places per session are limited for safety reasons. We have Archery equipment that is suitable to use by both Cubs & Scouts. Soft Archery may be supervised by a leader without an archery permit but must be overseen by a group leader / adult. The cost per session has yet to be agreed by the Group Executive but is likely to be in the region of £50.00 per session for Archery & £25.00 for Soft Archery.   


A new & exciting activity for our members & other Groups to participate in. Situated on our Indoor range in the main hall at the Lookwide Centre we can now offer the target sport of Crossbow shooting. For safety reasons numbers on this activity are limited but the activity can be done in conjunction with air rifle shooting so a larger group can split between the two activities. The cost per session is £50.00. Our Scout Group has six NSRA qualified Crossbow Instructors to guide & teach youngsters (& adults) in this exciting sport, 

If your Group is booking our headquarters for a weekend, we can with plenty of notice & providing we have instructors available, run one or more of these activities for you. Alternatively if you are a local group & would like to book a session please contact us. Please note that Crossbow shooting is currently not available to Cub Scouts.

All Target sports will be subject to instructor availability & we regret that we will not permit the ranges to be used unless a Hexham Group instructor is present. 

In accordance with Scout Association rules, each young person must have prior written permission from parents to take part in Air rifle shooting.

Please note the instructors will not ask to see this paperwork, the responsibility for ensuring that permission has been given is with the section leader of the group taking part.

You will find that target sports are a great leveller activity. its not always one of your oldest members who will get the highest scores. If you would like to book any of our target sports, please make an enquiry through our bookings portal on the Hall booking page or contact us directly through the website.


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