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15/08/2020 By David Hefferin


The Scout Group has unveiled plans to extend our decking area around Jack's shelter at the rear of the Lookwide Centre. During the summer months a lot of work has been done to reclaim land from what was a jungle . Trees have been felled, bushes cut back and the land raked and tidied in preparation for re grassing where possible. 

Jack's shelter is a fantastic venue for a camp fire / barbeque but we are short of seating areas . The planned project will see the completion of a new decking platform to the left of the shelter of approx 4.2 metres x 3 metres. From this platform a set of steps will lead up the bankside to another decking platform. Both platforms & the steps will have hand rails for safety.  The project has now been fully costed and we are hoping to fund the project through grant applications on the basis of reclaiming waste land to provide an outdoor area that can be used for a wide variety of outdoor activities with our young group members. Further updates will be posted as we progress. 



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